Church of San Francisco
Church of San Francisco

04 Jan 2019Posted By: Julio Zamorano Barderas

Former convent of observant Franciscans founded by Fray Hernando de Talavera in 1494 with the name of San Francisco el Nuevo. The Franciscans took advantage of the abandoned temple of Santa Leocadia to settle, so the church was renamed San Francisco convent and the street where it was was no longer called shoe stores to become the street of San Francisco. This had an original part of the late medieval period of the primitive parish of Santa Leocadia, which is shown in a chapel with a ribbed vault.

The rest of the temple is already work of the sixteenth century and especially the seventeenth, with a central nave and five bodies joined by arches torales half point and barrel vault. Baroque style, some of the side chapels host altarpieces and images of different qualities. The main altarpiece of Baroque design houses several canvases of the life of the Virgin, a trinity crowning the whole and an image of San Francisco. 

Also highlighted by its artistic value is the ceramic crucifix designed by Francisco Arroyo. Its tower stands out in which a panel of tiles with scenes from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi of the century can be seen. On the sides the shields of the Franciscan Order.

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